"Part 2" in some Murder Mystery Replays

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or global):
Replay Cinema - Murder Mystery

What is the bug?
Some Murder Mystery replays show a part 2, when you click on part 2 it puts you into a different replay of Murder Mystery.

Device(s) & Version
Windows 10, version 1.18.2 (non-RenderDragon)

Screenshots and/or video:
Replay IDs:
Spaceship: 16989,052661a4974a0c86
Werehouse: 16989,052666c4b9ec8975

Video (at the end you’ll see that not every MM replay has a part 2)


Thanks for taking the time to submit this bug report. I have gone ahead and logged this as an issue.

You may continue to experience this problem until a fix is deployed, but rest assured, our developers are working on it.

Hope you have a wonderful day! :blobheart: