Paint Wars (New game idea)

My idea for a new game is Paint Wars. What is Paint Wars? Well paint wars is similar to what snow wars or turf wars is. The main difference is that you don’t pvp against other players and try to hit them. The game is where people could have snowballs (what the paint balls could be) and you are in a white arena with some up and downs maybe some towers bridges platforms etc. and you are on either red team or blue team (could be other colors) and you are trying to make it so by the end of the time period (e.g 3-5 minutes) you are trying to have the most turf or ground covered with your teams color. You would use the snowballs to throw them around to cover the ground with your teams color. You could also have like a hoe that can be used to mine the ground and change it to a different color but not have to break the block fully more just tap it and have it change color. There could be different powerups like tnt that you throw and it will blow up and cover a larger amount of turf. Maybe you could also add like a stun gun type thing where you use it and the players on the other team can’t change the color on the floor for like 3 seconds. You could also maybe add a powerup that gives you a bow and if you hit someone with the arrow (one show bow) it takes all the turf that player had covered with that teams color and changes it to your own color. Example: I got the bow and shot a player with it. So all of the turf they had colored (lets say 10 blocks colored at the time) turns into my color. So now those blocks that were blue turn to red because I hit them with my arrow. The goal is just to have more ground covered than the other team. With the ups and downs bridges and towers you could make it be more interesting than just having it be flat ground all the way.
Let me know what ya’ll think about this game idea! :slight_smile:

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So basically snow wars or egg wars

Sorta! It’s just not as much “pvp” related. The goal is not to hit players as much as just take over the land with more color.

Isn’t that splatoon? The squid game with guns and paint rollers?
Edit: I just read the entire thing and the idea is good and I like the bow mechanic.

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Thanks! :grin: LOL I have never played a splatoon

This is a similar to New game: Paintball.

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It’s Splatoon and Snow Wars combined, like the others have said above. It’s also like Turf Wars in Mineplex, so I don’t see this really being added any time soon.

It’s good idea (voted)

I feel like theres too much of games ending in “Wars” it needs to be changed up a bit ig

When I read the first few lines, much like a few others above, the first thing that came to my mind was Splatoon, honestly lol. As a huge Splatoon nerd though, I love this idea!
However, as also mentioned by others, the idea is kinda similar-ish to snow wars, which of course, is now in the Arcade
I’m not sure if this will be implemented into the Hive for that reason, but I do still love the idea, so regardless of the probability of it being added, you have my vote!

  • Slight post-comment side note, I didn’t realise the timestamp of the original posting, I was just going through suggestions with recent activity, my bad!