Other islands to the hub

There should be more islands in the normal hub as it it gets boring sometimes.Using the ships in the hub we can travel to other islands and there can be some cool collectibles(like the golden mailbot).but you need 40 QP each time to ride the boat. If you find all 200 collectibles (which is a lot) you get The Searcher hub title and Costume!! :slight_smile:

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Thatโ€™s a cool idea, but I doubt it will happen, sorry.

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No worries the forums is just for suggestions:)

and bug reports

also cool idea voted

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Have both the hubs connected by this??

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I think it is good idea.
But u can play hive games during your boring time at the hub.

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@DaWhadurMonz what do you mean by both the hubs?

The arcade hub and main hub both be separate islands that you can use the boat to get to as well as other island. Holiday islands?? That would be cool because each island would feel and look completely different.

Also 40 qp for a boat trip is really expensive so maybe something like 2 qp or none at all.

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Ok I think 10 QP is a reasonable price also great idea @DaWhadurMonz

No way man

You can get 20 qp in a matter of seconds
Itโ€™s should be 150 if anything