Open Up Secret Room in Murder Mystery!

On the Murder Mystery Map Toy House, there’s actually a hidden little room :door: located on the first floor right next to the garage.

(I found this with the “Clip Through” Hive Replay :arrow_forward: feature, by the way)

It’s a tiny little bathroom that for some reason was blocked off before releasing the map.

Of course, maybe there was a good reason for doing this, but it is a fully furnished part of the map that would be a fun addition to the game.

Hive Team, what do you think? :face_with_monocle: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


There are a lot of maps that have things like that, there is a deathrun map that had a completely different path with multiple traps. Which had signs saying what each trap was supposed to be, it was very cool to see.

info on that map

Map is Metropolis(I believe) and the other path is right on the emeralds block to get jump out. When you jump out regularly its to the left and thats the finish, but before jumping up to that, to the right which is the deaths’ area, behind that wall is the area. Hopefully you’ll be able to find it by that explanation if you want to see it.

Either way I’d love to see map changes!

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Edit again: bumping again so they can hopefully sneak stuff like this into the mm map update that’s coming

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#Update old maps!


I thought the map was relic? maybe were both wrong lol

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