Open cave at end of pirate event

Once the pirate event is completely over, instead of removing the cave completely, why not somehow save it for people to parkour, explore, speedrun, etc.

There’s no specific way it could stay, maybe it could be a hive plus exclusive, maybe it could just stay where it is right now, maybe you could buy a pass to the cave for ~100qp and be able to queue into it whenever you want

  • qp
  • plus exclusive
  • no requirements
  • something else

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Mounts and other things that were banned in the cave would be accessible, as well as removing all barrier blocks

(Also, if this were to happen, please include an official start and stop to it with an in-game timer)

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I love this kdea, the cave is so much fun I would love for it to stay :))

this got buried hella fast
and by parkour, I mean doing neos and a bunch of wacky stuff using the terrain and houses, which would be even better without barriers (obviously)

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This would be great, but The Hive is likely gonna use this space in the halloween event.

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Sorry, all! We’ll be going to the fall/autumn hub as we prepare to bring back the Halloween event.