Only have the pickaxe as a starting tool

The chests right now give all tool variants that go up to iron. There’s no point in having something that wastes inventory space that will get discarded seconds later! Also when mining ores such as diamond, you can find a better tool from there right away. I got 3 consecutive diamond shovels from this!

Only have the pickaxe as a starting tool in case when you can’t find one in a chest

It’s a good idea. My strat is to break chests with my axe because its faster. This would screw up my strat and make me have to mine ores until I get an axe or just open the chests. It’s still a godd idea though and I guess I wouldn’t really mind if I have to actually open chests

I agree about starting off with just a pickaxe, but I think all the diamond stuff more or less has an equal chance to drop, it’s just unlucky at times.

We’ve now made it so you start with only a sword and a pickaxe :grin: