Ok, this is mostly Broken

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
What was affected
So this was effected the Skins i’ll link a Google Docs how this happened if you need it but, this bug is more of the skins being fair and unfair but this skin like this had a power to hide under a block and not get spotted easily and i did make a skin to say how unfair a complete skin is sometimes like a skin here

And this would related to those smaller leg skins and i would say how unfair but i don’t need crazy so just read the doc for more.
What is the bug?
Explanation of the bug
A Skins that exploits the skin pixel count of a skin with smaller legs then a regular skin it self and i made to show how unfair in these limits
Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshots of the bug, if it applies
will compare in my world of how you can’t see it so good (Caputed by a Google Pixel 3 sorry if it’s crappy

also here is the doc so you completely hear how this happened: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OlJzCyIThWAmvRlcvbACaUKrYqk6DplNW7hc5RU60S4/edit?usp=sharing


We have systems in place that prevent most unfair skins from being used on our server. It appears that this skin was barely able to make it past the filter.

We may look into improving our skin detection systems in the future. For now though, I urge you to report anybody that you feel is using an unfair skin to us so that they can be dealt with.