Obsidian, and more tools!

Ok get this:
U guys all know that the hardest stone in treasure is the endstone. We usually use it to defend our treasure, but the iron pickaxe can break it really fast. So I decided that it will be more fun if we add a new blocks and some more items to make this game more FUN :star_struck:.
u guys probably know obsidian is the second hardest constructed in the Over world. The reason I want to add obsidian because we can use it to make our treasure more safe and fear the enemy that it’s really hard to get our treasure.

  • bomb breaker:
    For the bomb breaker, yes! It’s can still break it but I can’t break a lot of blocks like wools and woods. One bomb breaker can only break 5 obsidians.
    -Diamond pickaxe/tools:
    So let’s pretend u are the enemy and u saw a cute little treasure and u really want to break it BUT! Your opponent had use there obsidian to cover that treasure and u don’t know how to get it. I was thinking of that too. Then an idea bright in my brain! That the diamond pickaxe can break obsidian. So I decided that if u add the obsidian into treasure wars u have to add the diamond pick axe too. But they can’t break obsidian very fast so I think u should enchanted it so it can break obsidian faster.
    -About the diamond axe:
    I think u guys should not add the diamond axe cuz it can break woods really fast.
    32x obsidian would cost 10 diamonds.
    1x a normal diamond pickaxe would cost 8 diamonds
    1x diamond pickaxe with efficiency 1 would cost 10 diamonds
    1x diamond pickaxe with efficiency 3 would cost 4 emeralds
    1x diamond pickaxe with efficiency 5 would cost 7 emeralds
    Ok hope u guys enjoy and vote me because this is my first seriously post.
    I’m not good at English, if u guys see any of my mistake just comment so that I can know and fix it.
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So I sort of like this but hive just had an update.

Here is a tip, I see this idea you made all relays on the first one with obi or majority of it does, I would not make such a big what if because it is a lot

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Hey there! Two of these have already been suggested:

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Umm sorry I’m to lazy to do that :frowning:
Logic answer but I’m new in the forum so don’t bully me ;(
@Trafficlight59 thanks for your feedback but it doesn’t make me feel better :disappointed:
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Thier not not bullying you. Your idea was a dupe and he was showing proof and telling you that it was a duplicate. Please just use the :mag: icon to see if your idea is a dupe next time even if you are “lazy”

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If this is a duplicate suggestion u guys can close this.
I think I have to left the forum because I don’t have any good idea more.

You don’t have to leave just because you don’t have any ideas to suggest! You can always participate in forum games or something

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This is not a dupe cz you have more ideas yours is a run on but I think the nodes want you to add it to the og topic. I might be wrong tho

Duplicate post.