NPCs in the main hub

add NPCs in the main hub:

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I feel like the main hub is quite the most empty place of all hive without the limited-time event stuff (Halloween, Christmas…) It wouldn’t be the same but with normal hub there’s nothing I mean sure there is the camp, castle, docks and the villages but it doesn’t have any NPCs unlike in the arcade hub where there is Mark (the robot dude) and some other ones so here my ideas:

  • a British guy with a tophat, costume, monocole if you try talk with him he’ll say something like:“hello there mister (your username) nice day we’re having eh?”

  • some Australian swimmers in the beach, docks that have sunglasses, summer accessories and they say:" what’s up mate?, Wanna hit the beach?"

  • and some normal citizens inside/outside the houses, shops and they say:" hello there friend, how are things?"

  • and some secret ones in the far away islands, docks like a pirate, skeleton…

Now these were some examples of some NPCs that COULD be added if the hive did a “main hub content update” so I know this is too much but think about the quality of life that could be in the main hub if these were added!

I like the idea! If I remember correctly, Hive’s Java server had some team members as NPCs throughout the hub with random messages if you right-click them.

Adding something similar to the Bedrock server (perhaps with some additional lore behind those characters) seems like a great way to make exploring the hub worth it :smile:


I completely agree! having some NPCs scattered around the hub would make exploring it much more entertaining :smiley:

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This could also go very well with the proposed “Hub Exploration” quests that might come in Quests V2, which you can see is planned in the Public Roadmap. Great idea!


Yeah like some of them have some quests for you to do and each one is different in like difficulty one gives 10 qp, 20, and even harder ones give at least 30 or something

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man the Hub just feels like a ghost town it would be nice to have some npcs To make it feel like your not dead voted lol


Maybe there could be some kind of reward (hub title?) for talking to all of them or doing all their quests.

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that would also be a nice addition too!

I think the idea is a great one because the hub feels empty but as an Australian I can see people getting offended over the generalisation of their culture so maybe as @FoxicArcher said they could put staff members as npcs


They should have splodger be very hidden and make it a challenge to find him. Maybe he could even give the Dora the Explorer hub title instead of the backpack.


or something like the dora hub title, something like ‘You found me’

Look the Australian swimmers was just an example of NPCs that could be added in the hive so yeah

As someone who is aussie, I like this idea except for what they say, Someone aussie would say something like"Gday… hey, do you wanna go to the beach fora swim? I heard from one of my mates the water’s warm"

that might be a bit long

I personally think that the Hive would be able to add NPCs without stereotyping cultures. Seeing as they’ve had many human NPCs in the past, I don’t think it would be that hard to just make them all speak in the same style that they have before :sweat_smile:.

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Just to note you that the Australian swimmers speak I did in the suggestion was an example but yours is way better I like the g’day one!

I just want npcs in the hub :joy: :laughing: :skull: :ghost:


NPC’s better /e wave or else I dont want them


Bump I just want the hub alive

Maybe if they do this they could also add dialogue to the arcade npcs, they are kinda lifeless rn.

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