Not dropping 1.12 support

Find a work around for the persona thing. Everyone I’ve asked so far has nothing nice to say about these new changes to the way they PvP. It might take a little longer, but I’d rather have halloween skins for longer than to have to switch to 1.13, and I’m sure many people agree with me on that.

Of course we should maintain 1.13 and future update supports, but 1.12 should be at least the oldest version of support for the hive.

No, 1.12-1.13 compatibility is kinda clunky, you should just stick to the new version, this isn’t java.
Btw a 1.13 bug fix has been released, haven’t tried it yet.

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Nah, everyone should be on the same page for pvp and everything else. When more major changes to pvp come in the future, you’ll most likely have to update or be left behind immediately

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I personally like 1.12. The combat mechanics there feel better.

What they could do is to modify the mechanics to what 1.12 is like.


What are you talking about? Isn’t the screen shaking a bug that will get fixed?

what screen shaking bug is it moving to different X positions by ° (degree) by different angles?

It is sadly not, it’s a new screen animation that takes place when you get damaged

Why is everyone on the forums getting upset about 1.13 combat? I didn’t even know it had changed in 1.13 until someone brought it up, and even still, I don’t notice anything different…


Your screen shakes violently when you get hit - it’s pretty noticeable.


Is that intentional? I thought it was a bug of some sort

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In theory, though, it shouldn’t be. In the past, the Hive has supported a version before the current one and the next beta, and there weren’t any issues. Not only that, but the hive isn’t currently using anything limited to 1.13, in fact they could probably revert their server back multiple game versions and it would still mostly function. Even with changes that come with new versions, the Hive could still leave the old code that works for an older version and write new code that runs for anyone using the 1.13 client. While I don’t know exactly how the developers for the Hive wrote their server software, speaking from experience this should not be too hard to implement, especially because the Hive has been supporting earlier versions for months now.

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Yeah but 1.13 changed a lot of things


This would be a great solution. Servers like Hypixel on the java edition have done this(keeping 1.8 support) and although the combat systems in 1.8 and 1.9 are extremely different, the compatibility was fine. The Hive has also done this before—keeping compatibility of different versions.

I don’t see any reason to not keep 1.12 support other than it being an “unfair advantage” and implementing new blocks, but they aren’t really necessary(except for honey blocks with deathrun)

I don’t think the hive should take this direction, especially since most people can’t go back in versions, the java edition has a launcher because… tbh I don’t really know why xD.

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You can still use new versions though.

Update to this: The Hive will be officially dropping 1.12 support as of December 10th when 1.14 is released. It has been said that 1.14 will fix a bunch of issues that 1.13 currently has. We also know that the infamous screen shaking in 1.13 is also being looked into.


Thing is, I can only play on betas using a macos launcher and 1.14 will not work for me :confused:

As has been stated: we do not intend to continue to support old and outdated versions and will be dropping 1.12 support when 1.14 releases.

Thanks for understanding.