Not connecting to server with least ping

Affected Service - Global
When joining to The Hive ( I am connected to North America ( but I get better ping at Asia (

What is the bug?
I’ve been looking into issues for my high ping for quite a while now (I have 280ms) and have found an issue.

When attempting to join The Hive through the featured servers tab I am connected to North America (280ms). After pinging each region separately I have found out that I get better connection to the Asia server region (160ms), but am still automatically connected to North America.

The server should be connecting me to the NA server instead of the Asia server.

I have been testing ping through command prompt on Windows 10. I have been using the ping command, e.g. ping .

i don’t think it connects you based off ping, but rather whichever is closer to you. try connecting to and see what happens

Well yeah the region with the lowest ping is the closest obviously. Also no, I get connected to Asia but I get WAYYY better ping on EU, and it isn’t just me, it also connects my school friends to Asia.

Hey there,

This may occur if you are using a custom DNS provider, is this the case?

If not, I recommend connecting to :slight_smile: