Not able to go to hive store

Every time I go to main menu it only says marketplace. I can’t buy stuff from the statues because when I punch them, it doesn’t do anything.

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Thanks for submitting a bug report.

We believe that this is a client issue, but so that we can get some more information to allow us to forward it to Microsoft, if you could provide the following formation, it’d be very helpful!

  • Is the issue is still occurring?
  • Are you using any third-party modifications or tools, or changed your DNS settings (to allow you to join non-featured servers)? and if so, does this issue still occur if you have disabled these?
  • Could you provide a screenshot or video of the menu, where the Marketplace button appears instead of the Hive Store button?


Sometimes it happens…
No mods are used but I changed my dns to access 3rd party servers but it’s been a while since I used it since I changed it.

A change to your DNS settings is likely the cause of these issues. Can you try completely resetting your DNS settings and seeing if the issue persists?

So I just did it and relogged a few times, it only happened once. Thanks.

This happened to me when the replay pass came out as I wanted to see the price in my currency but I only had access to my phone at the time. I was unable to open your store, open replay pass using the command and wasn’t able to punch npcs which were advertising stuff from your store

I wasn’t using a DNS or anything like that and had no texture packs or anything on.

Just checked and it’s not happening right now

Yes that’s exactly what’s happening.

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I am currently experiencing this bug and has happened to me several times. I am using the non-renderdragon version of Minecraft and my only texture packs are low fire. Removing the pack does not help. It is very likely a client issue as the marketplace button on the main menu doesn’t work, nor do they on other servers. The bug usually happens if you leave Minecraft open for several hours. It can be fixed by restarting Minecraft.

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It would seem that this is a Minecraft issue and that restarting your client and/or updating your game should resolve the issue.