Normal and Rumble Modes

I think there should be a voting option for a normal and rumble mode. Normal mode is how Skywars is now, normal. Rumble mode will have enchanted gear. The rumble box that is in a random position at the center of the map, sort of like a supply crate falling down from the sky will have different armor powerups (sort of). An example is Speedy Shoes where you could get Speed I when worn. I also think that people with Hive+ can only vote. I think the voting option can show in the game lobby in the middle of your hotbar as a beacon! What are your guys’ opinions on this?

no, just make it a new mode like skyroyale


No, make it a mode. Skyroyale is already dead because of that.

this just sounds like skywars insane mode from hypixel, its just better to have a new mode, so people can have options and not have some guy always voting for rumble or whatever u call it


It’s the same as voting maps though, some people may not vote and some may and I don’t think anyone will care about what type of mode they are currently on.

This does sound interesting, but like ThunderWolf said, I think this should be a separate mode altogether. People might not want to play rumble… And just because they are in a lobby with people who do, that isn’t exactly player friendly to force everyone to just because a few hive + members voted for it. I am also not a fan of the idea for only Hive + to have the options to vote for things. That’s not fair for those that don’t have hive +. I like the idea of this game mode as it’s own thing, but I don’t support it as a voting opting for skywars and especially not for Hive + voting only.

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If everyone could vote, I think every round would be rumble mode. If only Hive+ votes, some games can Normal mode and some can be Rumble mode like a variety. Don’t forget that Hive+ can also vote for normal mode too.

Why not just make it a separate game mode though? What’s the advantage?

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A better explanation, if it was another mode, the queues probably won’t fill up quickly. Also, it doesn’t seem realistic for another NPC in the hub that says Skywars: Rumble Mode instead of a voting option for either normal or rumble.

The queues may not fill up quickly, and even if they do, normal Skywars may not fill up as fast as Rumble mode.

You wouldn’t have to have another NPC. It could just be another option off the compass/after you click the NPC. And if the game doesn’t queue up enough… Then it isn’t really worth having for the Hive. Lobby queue is a really good indicator of how many people like the game mode

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If it goes in the compass, it would be just as dead as Skyroyale. Voting adds randomness, and also, there are more people without Hive+ so there could be a 65% chance of Rumble mode.

That’s why the voting option seems like the best fit. Another whole gamemode seems unrealistic. Voting keeps the same queue as the normal Skywars queue.

You’re missing my point though… If there aren’t enough players in the queue, that is a really good indicator that the majority of players aren’t interested in the game mode. If it’s popular, it would have a consistent queue as its own game… If not, it wouldn’t be worth the Hive hosting it. Just my two cents though :slight_smile:

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So if Rumble was added and there is more people in Rumble gamemode, Normal wouldn’t be as quick-filling as before?

And Skyroyale is already in the compass, we can’t have two.

I agree with @SonsyFeather941, its not a good thing for the players who just want to play there favourite game skywars but then some hive + players force them to play some mode that they dont like

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just buy java and play hypixel solo insane


Nice suggestion but, I personally would not like this system. I have played on some servers that have the exact same setup and I just find it annoying. I believe that the simplicity of how it is now is pretty fun and that another mode that needs to be voted on is not needed. This system can also be annoying for people who want to play a certain one but don’t get to because the other one was voted.


oh btw just play on cubecraft and get a rank u can vote for OP mode with the rank