Non Permanent Armor

I think that a cool thing that could be added to treasure wars is a way to get armor that doesn’t stay with you when you die. (No one else gets it also) It could be half the price of normal armor or less. It could be useful if someone immediately got permanent diamond armor. You could get the amount needed for non permanent and could go try to kill them. Please give me feedback on this idea, I’ve been thinking about it for a while.


This would break the meta, and would confuse new players. Once someone gets diamond, nobody contests mid when they are there. If they get dia for cheaper, they can get the rest of the ems uncontested and it just further unbalances the game.


Yes I agree because anyways with the cheaper diamond armor they’ll still get the same protection, making it harder to kill them and they can camp mid as you just said.

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i think a better way to nerf armour is to have the bottom half always with gold armour, similar to hypixel leather armour. because removing permanent armour would change the meta dramatically. while this would change the meta a lot, it would help nerf players who rush mid and wouldn’t make it so people who are being attack lose all hope when they die. i dont know though, im not the best with pvp balancing, so don’t take this seriously

its a decent idea, but it would make diamond similar to current iron, iron similar to current chain, and chain would barely change

this would basically lead to diamond being nearly useless, for a diamond sword would mostly make up the difference, and iron and chain being used interchangeably

Imagine just getting diamond armor and you fall off from your bridge lmao.

yeah that would be the literal worse lmao

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