No Pearl Damage in skywars

Most skywars servers add No pearl damage as a perk to the game, as a reward over time, I just feel that as hive are unable to do that it should just be removed.
it doesnt add anything to the game, and just makes escaping or rushing harder.

killing someone because they took pearl damage isnt rewarding and feels a bit pointless, it would add more competition to the game and allow you to be more tactical during games.

Yes I’ve died so many times because of the pearl damage when trying to clutch


I’d reduce pearl damage, but wouldn’t outright remove it


i feel like if hive can definitely add perks if they wanted to, and find a way to make it not p2w (unmodified xp, wins, kills, etc)

i agree with @thegamingtoyyt, i personally don’t pearl if i don’t have much health, but we shouldn’t remove it, just reduce it (if necessary)


Pearl damage is a necessity. It encourages players to stay back and prioritize health over rushing.


Yeah sure, but if you have full diamond and only 2 hearts left and you’re trying to pearl away from an instant death then the pearl damage will kill you.
This makes it almost useless for retreating and attacking unless you’re on full hp and your opponent started minecraft yesterday. :neutral_face:


That’s the point. You shouldn’t be able to have a weaker /tp just because you’re losing or want to end the game in 2 minutes. I think it’s pretty balanced as is. Pearls are almost a must in the strategy I use, which is pearl behind people, catch them off guard, and either outright kill them in a duel which I get the first few hits on or push them off. If they perfectly time a turn around it’s an even fight because of the pearl damage but if they outright removed damage, people like me would run rampant with the only counters being a better sword, better combo, or just watching your opponent (which is something I rarely see at the moment but).


They should make pearl damage do half a heart. You die because you pearl away but you die because you are low

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oh why did i say that

this is about fall damage not pearl damage


well keep voting ig