No Access to my inventory or chest Bug?

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
What was affected My ability to access my inventory and chest

What is the bug?
Explanation of the bug During mid-way of game of Skywars and/or SG (Survival Games), My ability to have access to open chest and/or opening my inventory, are taken away unable to open either of them in the game.

Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshots of the bug, if it applies

I do not have the footage of this bug happening in SG, but it happen to me once or twice.

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Thank you for submitting a bug report.

Did anything happen prior to you getting this issue? Did you get a kill, complete a quest etc?

If anyone else has experienced this, any information about what happened prior to the bug happening would be very helpful.

This happened to me during a game of Survival Games when I played with Holly. I just so happened to be doing a quest to open x amount of crates. I could not open any crates, but when I right-clicked on them, they counted towards the quest. I also could not open my inventory. This occurred randomly in the middle of the game, exactly how mattchils explained it.
Edit: Just read your comment again. Unfortunately I don’t exactly know what might’ve caused this, but I was opening and closing crates rather rapidly in order to get the quest done and over with. Maybe that contributed to it.


Me and Brialgic experienced this as well.

I believe isbruh also did (we 3 were in a party with TallScissors)

I was playing SG with @Brialgic And I could not open my inventory or chest but in the end I believe we won

No none of the following quest or level. I think happen after a kill but Idk for sure

That also happened to me,In survival games I have to survive with only a stone sword

This has happened to me in skywars, I believe I spam clicked my inventory button a few times and then it just wouldn’t let me open my inventory or open chests for the rest of the game.

happened to me as well. It was actually a pretty fun challenge for me, but I still want it fixed

Happened to me in skywars too, I was able to open the chests earlier.

Sometimes this happens to my friend and I on pc. Everything is fine when you open your inventory in the Hive main lobby but in-game this bug prevents you from opening it. Hope this sorta helps

We’re still looking into this issue. If anybody has any videos of this, especially ones that that show what happened prior to the bug happening, please share them with us

Whenever is happened to me nothing different was going on. I was always able to open the starting chests in SG, but after that I sometimes can’t open other things. It happened quite a few times today

same thin happened for me its weird

I think it’s another problem with 1.16.1 but there’s a high chance that this is packet side, and that the packets at a point get corrupted. but hey it’s just my theory

Yes when i press my inventory button or try interact with a chest it doesnt work, its really annoying

This just happened to me right now in a match of SkyWars. It happened right after I got a kill with the Knockback Nemo, but it does occur rarely when I get a kill with a sword or any other item.
Sadly I can’t upload a .mp4 file here. Is there another way I can send you this clip?

This happened to me like 3 times before in Skywars duos. I had to restart my minecraft to fix it.

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We’re still struggling to reproduce this issue, video clips would be very helpful :slight_smile:

I believe there was a small part of one of my slightly older videos where this bug occurred. I’ll edit this post with the video if I find it.