Nintendo Switch and Platform Based Matchmaking

What is taking so long with the seperation of PE and Nintendo Switch?

When I saw the above topic, I became a bit frustrated. Apparently Switch players are matched with mobile players because they have touch controls.

Now I find this incredibly stupid because the touch screen can’t be used for anything except inventory management and hotbar selecting. Exactly like Wii U edition.

The Nintendo Switch is a console, not an iPad. Its players use the controller, just like Xbox. The fact that is it not matched with Xbox is not just wrong, it’s stupid.

Sorry about the rant. I just thought I was getting good at pvp.


Agreed… I have nothing else to say my mind is empty rn


The hive should place ps4 players in touch queues as well (when they finally finish adding ps4 support). The touch pad on the ps4 controller obviously makes it a touch device :clown_face:

Yes I keep using the same example, but it get’s the point across pretty well


Nintendo switch users are already removed from the touch queue, you most likely came across a player who is using keyboard and mouse or controller with a touch device or the platform based matchmaking was not in full effect since there might have not been 400 players on that single game mode.
The support website will be updated soon on this :slight_smile:


Just to clarify, he plays on Nintendo Switch.

Anyway so should this be closed now?

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