New Update please The Hive! :D

Could you add Housings like where people can build things and let others visit it? To make Parkour maps and PvP Please? Also can there be a new Game? Like Blocking Dead because there is few game options :frowning: if The Hive sees this :stuck_out_tongue: or can someone tell them this :v - Bonuscats

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Atleast something like that ik that is from Hypixel but it would be cool if they had a mode like that and new game it doesnt have to be Blocking Dead

They’re considering doing an arcade mode on the hive so I think something like blocking dead would be a part of that

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Everything mentioned here is from hypixel.

I kinda understand how housing works, but like how would hive modify it so it could function on that server. Also the hive has I believe 4 parkour maps you can do, ones in Murder Mystery, Treasure wars, Survival games, and then the hub one. Also what exactly does pvp mean to you? Like uhc or skywars or like duels. Obviously thanks for posting on the forums, and welcome here, but I feel as if this could have been structured a little better, as it is a jumble.


Housing would be nice but there’s quite alot of things that don’t make it seem worthwhile:

o People building inappropriate builds on their plots
o People doing inappropriate roleplays on their plots with others
o There’s already Hypixel Housing if you want the original housing experience. I’m worried that Hive might not make theirs much different so the originality is down the drain.
o Housing is imo, just a leisure activity and not a real minigame, which is what Hive Bedrock is about. Housing has no actual objective compared to their other games, so won’t work that well.
o If you would want a full fleshed out Housing experience, it’d need hundreds of different blocks, tons of cosmetics and backdrops etc. This’d be too much work and coding to put into a game that doesn’t have as much replayability.

As for Blocking Dead, it’s:

o Too hard of a concept for average Bedrock players to understand and win. (Hypixel’s B.D. is quite a brutal game and takes good gamesense to win). Would need a ton of simplifiying the game mechanics to work.
o Far too much coding put into a game that I don’t think many of us want rn. Have you seen how complicated Hypixel’s B.D. is??!
o If you follow the Hive Bedrock roadmap, you’d know theres already another game planned to be released. Let’s wait until that game gets released first :wink:

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idk how to follow the hive bedrock roadramp and im just saying it would be cool if they added atleast some new game

To get to the roadmap, go to this link