New Types Of TNT

Idea : Add more TNT (Boom Boxes) to SW.

More Information : So TNTs are really good. Currently there are 3 types on it :

  • Frozen Boom Box : Slowness in blast radius

  • Poison Boom Bow : Poison in blast radius

  • Boom Box : Acts like a normal TNT.

  • Knockback Boom Box : Acts like a normal TNT, but doesn’t break blocks and has a icreased knockback to jump from islands to another islands.

Those are great ! Sadly we can’t really TNT Jump or do some really cool things with tnt. Here are some Boom Boxes ideas :

  • Blindness Boom Box : Blindness in blast radius. Maybe the blast radius is reduced to not be too OP.
  • Regeneration Boom Box : Heals instantly all players in blast radius. Useful when you want to heal a huge group of teammates. Heals also ennemies (risky risky).
  • Fire Boom Box : Sets in fire every block in blast radius. The blast radius can be adjusted. I am pretty sure you can extinguish fire with your fist (right click/hold).

It’s left click

I wish it did (break blocks), that would be more fun)

They added knockback boom box.

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New players who mindlessly use all tnt when u find them camping: Ah yes, I’ll give my attacker some regen, what could go wrong?

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lol imagine, top 10 funny anime deaths

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Yare yare daze.
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