New Texture For Yellow Steve

So I made a new Texture for Yellow Steve
Hope Ya like it

Also here is the skin file if you want to use
Do not sell or distribute the skin
Edit it and make it for personal use is not allowed

Thanks :blush:


It looks nice! :beedance:


This looks really good! This should become one of the skins they are adding to replace yellow steve in games like Murder Mystery


Vote if you want this to be added

The skin looks nice but

why does everyone want every single skin in hive style, I just prefer the original yellow steve though.


that looks amazing :star_struck: good job :smile:

I have lost, it’s not green steve. My whole life is a lie. It was actually yellow steve. . .

Anyways! Nice Skin! And Voted! :ballot_box:

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it will have an original look if hive style cuz it’s an unique style which is only from the server hive
Hive style also represents The Hive server

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Can I use this in a video?


Yep you can
but with credits :smiley:


Its not a steve anymore


Idea: new yellow Alex texture?
Also your skin is very good

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I dont think they should replace the og yellow steve
especially not am with a beginner hive styled skin [the colors arent properly hue shifted] (im not tryna be rude)


As a skin, independent of the name ‘hive steve’, I think it looks really good but have the same opinion as Shay.

What exactly makes you say that? I’m not noticing anything inherently wrong with the shifting here. Just genuinely wanna know

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Personally, I really like this skin, but there are some KEY factors you simply forgot!
(Sorry about Finz guys, he came here after seeing the screenshot from my server :P)

  1. So here, for example you used nearly 5, maybe 6 different colors for the pants. For big projects, 5 colors for hive style is understandable, but for something as simple as pants, 3 or bare minimum, 4 is fine. This is known as “retro balance” and its the practice of reusing colors
  • tl;dr: Too much colors, use only 3 for pants

  1. That yellow tone is CRAZY!!! It’s too dark, essentially, lighten it up, and as an alternative, use more orange in it as a whole.

  1. Darktone for skin could be a tad darker

Other than that, it looks good, I never seen that styling of shoes before, so I will definitely add that to our little “Hive Style Dojo”. I like it, very nice! :heart:

Here’s an example!


Thanks Maji helped me a lot :slight_smile:

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well there’s no need for this now sadly because yellow steve is gone :cry:

don't read this

i wish this was the actual yellow steve

umless it comes back a skinpack​:eyes::eyes:

who knows :eyes:


(Make yellow steve come back a different way)

Wait when was this

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