New team colours

Add new team colours in Ground Wars.

Colour Combos
Rather than randomly selecting two colours for each team, it should instead pick from colour combos.

List of Colour Combos

Cyan-Lime | The default ground wars colours

Red-Blue | The classic turf wars colours

Lime-Purple | Inspired by Splatoon

Orange-Blue | From Splatoon



{LTM} Purple-Orange | In cycle around Halloween

{LTM} Lime-Red | In cycle around Christmas

Custom Server Implementation
In custom servers, you could decide which colour combo is chosen, or make it random.

This would add some much needed variety to Ground Wars games.
Plus, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Of course, things like the blocks and start messages would be changed to go with the colour combos.
This suggestion can be expanded on in many ways. You could vote for a colour combo, have set colour combos for each map and so on.
The only issue is that some people may agree with the main post but dislike some random feature, and not vote.
Please leave constructive criticism :smile:

Edit 1

Added Blue-Orange the actual default colour combo of Splatoon 1 .
Changed Green-Purple to Lime-Purple, thats what I meant to write initially.
Various changes in text.


This is a brilliant idea, I agree that this would add a lot of variety to the game!

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I thought about this while watching a splatoon direct, I think it’s an awesome idea


From a coding pov aswell it seems pretty easy to do, since you can just change the id of the block that’s being added, even if they didn’t do this, they should definitely make each map have a different colour scheme, like inferno could have red and yellow or something

idk bout u but when I think of infernos, volcanos and dragons, I don’t think ah, yes sky blue and lime green


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This would make the game very interesting, I’d love to see this added in a future game/content update! :o

More colors that could work:

  • Aqua and Magenta
  • Black and White
  • Lime and Magenta (I think this would be better than Green/Purple)
  • Orange and Blue (Splatoon 1)
  • Turquoise and Magenta
  • Turquoise and Orange
  • Purple and Turquoise

I’m not really sure about most of those colour combos (why all the turquoise :sweat_smile: )

I’ve updated the post which added the real splatoon 1 colours.
I’ve also changed green-purple to lime-purple however I don’t think lime-magenta would be as cool.

Aren’t aqua + magenta, turquoise + magenta and turquoise + purple very similar (I’m aware they’re just concepts just pointing it out lol)

Only a few should be added, not all of them :D

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Also default splatoon 2 colours are neon pink and neon green, not purple and lime

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I rather this colour design over that one :smile:

Love the color combination ideas :open_mouth:

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