New Summer Hub Features

So as u may know hive currently has a spring themed hub wich will eventually change so I would like to suggest hive adds a couple of things secret Rooms/area’s that are pretty hidden. These would be area’s to chill in with friends or just be cool secret areas

Another suggestion I have is that hive adds another hub parkour it has been a long time since hive has added 1 also make it where u can access it with mounts after u claim it so u can’t just cheese it with mounts

I would like to hear feedback :beedance: :smile:

You are aware it is autumn

uh no

fall equinox is in september

at least for NA

but i think it’s too close to fall that i don’t think another hub update is needed


Wait what

In Europe it’s aug-oct is autumn, nov-jan is winter, feb-april is spring and may-july

In America is February actually considered Winter?!

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seasons in na (there’s actually more than just the us)
spring - March 20, summer - June 21, fall - September 22, winter - December 21
and yes, in February it is cold as balls and flowers and stuff don’t happen until march-April

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That’s strange, but the one we do might also just be an Ireland thing bc of Samhain (The first day of November, pronounced like how in) being the end of harvest season/autumn

Also either way August is too late for a summer hub

Cough cough summer hub came near august after sonic event last year
I just want hive to bring back the old summer hub ITS THAT EASY