New stuff in TW?

1. We definitely need wood. What are axes used for anyway?

2. We also need ender pearls. That could reduce the skybasers. Maybe for 4 ems?

  1. Golden Apples? Usually, the first one that goes to mid gets a diamond sword and wrecks everyone. Maybe gapples could cost diamonds and we could have a better chance against them. Please don’t make them too expensive like java.

  2. Bow nerf? Bows could possibly cost 6 diamonds and 2 diamonds for 8 arrows. Or simply remove it.

I know that there’s a new update for TW so I hope these things get added in.

Edit: updated


Definitely, 2 fully charged shots can kill an unarmored player, 3 if they have chain. I always feel bad for the poor guys I shoot with bows.

I say 3

Very true lol…


I agree with number 1, 3, and 4. I feel like Ender Pearls just aren’t that useful. Although I agree the bow needs to be fixed, I think that instead of weakening it, they should raise the price to maybe 5 emeralds or 5 diamonds. Also potions are a cool idea but I honestly don’t see them comming to the game.


Pearls is definetly what they need to add

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We shall see what gets introduced during the next update. The only things that have been confirmed are:

  • Bows being adjusted to be more balanced
  • New cosmetics

I don’t really know about potions, thinking again now I don’t really want them. However, I REALLY want epearls.


Right now TW is old school just normal weapons.

That’s true, but I like it because of that. You don’t have to hassle with team upgrades and potions and fireballs.


This is the first thread regarding these things and I’m seeing a lot of duplicate posts. Please redirect the new accounts here.

Bump again and @anon21647670 probably make the poll here

There is the poll.