New Store areas in The Arcade! (And TIP NPCS!)

More areas to put cosmetics in the Arcade!

How It would work:

There could be Hat Cosmetics on one side of this place, and the other mounts, or it can be: Mount, Hat, mount, hat, and so on.

For this one you would have Pets on one side and then one side would have TIP NPCS! It could have Tips on how to use things, It would have the Bee Adventurer guy that’s behind spawn, and maybe like the quest master but with a big backpack.
like how to use HG (Hub Games), Parkour, the monorail, and anything else about the Arcade.

So yeah, that’s basically all I have to share for this post expect edits.

oh no the Hive is gonna add more cosmetics by looking at this post :smile: :crazy_face: :cold_face: :smiling_imp: :woozy_face: no offense Hive