New Springtime LTM


Buzz Off! - New Spring-Themed LTM Game!

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The HIVE is full of fun games, but none to really call their own:

The HIVE does really well executing and brainstorming ideas, but everything they have done is a spinoff of another server, all the way from survival games to deathrun, now, they are fun, nonetheless, but a game completely original to the HIVE I think, would not only be a fun new experience, but bring in a new audience, eager to try something new.
The Staff did AMAZING with the Sonic Event, trying something new and bringing in a whole new audience.

My suggestion for this:
Buzz Off! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:
This Gamemode is a Ghost Invasion meets Deathrun kind of gamemode with a HIVE specific theme.

In this Game, there are 1-3 Humans selected to infiltrate the hive, the rest of the players are bees.

The humans goal is to navigate through the maze of honeycomb and reach the center of the hive, they are armed with smoke guns and smoke bombs to smoke the attacking bees and keep them back.
The bees are trying to stop the humans from getting in, by activating traps randomly generated throughout the randomly generated “maze”.

The bees can also sting the humans by flying into them and punching from 1 block away, if they succeed, they will die and respawn at the center of the hive with a new stinger. The sting would do 2 hearts to the human, which has a slow regeneration proccess,
If the bees can successfully kill the human, then the human respawns at the very beginning and must start over.
If the bees can keep all 3 humans away from the central honey pot, then they win, if even 1 human gets in, the humans win.
The traps could be similar to deathrun, where the humans must parkour or run across a certian area, that, when the bee activates it by clicking a spot in their inventory, activates the nearest trap to send their opponent into the molten honey and back to the start.

The maze would just be a series of funky walls going around the map, the corridors and paths would be 5-7 blocks wide, the timer would be at 5 minutes, after that, the game would end

XP amounts
Hit bee with smoke gun: 5
Hit bee with smoke grenade: 5
Hit 2+ bees with single smoke grenade: 25
Reach center: 100
Win game: 50

Sting human: 10
Kill human via sting: 25
Kill human via trap: 35
Kill 2+ humans via trap: 75
Win game: 50, and double all recieved pts during round

Lvl 1-20 prizes
2: avatar, beehive
3: new bee color, orange and black
4: new beekeeper suit, (for human, goes over original skin) scuba diver
5: hub title: BEE Kind
6: new bee color, green and yellow
7: avatar, beekeeper
8: beekeeper suit: astronaut
9: bee color: red and orange
10: hub title: BEEliever
11: color: purple and blue
12: color: green and blue
13: beekeeper suit: racecar driver
14: avatar: barBEEque chicken :poultry_leg:
15:hub title: BEEutiful
16: color: black and blue
17: avatar: HIVE logo
18: beekeeper suit: radiation suit
19: hub title: To BEE on not to BEE
20: HIVE beekeeper costume, also the npc you click to enter the game

Is there anything I am missing? If so, please comment it here, any ideas, thoughts? Please let me know!

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this seems like a cool game, but, i feel like it could get annoying with bees just camping the middle or the added “guns.” we dont need guns. web boomboxes would do fine. i feel like the game mode would be unbalanced to both of the teams, and could make it annoying and un-fun

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Whyyyyyyyyyyyy do so many people want guns and bombs like this is a Minecraft server not COD or fortnite… I actually kind of like this tho


not bad of an idea

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Kinda like the zappers from sonic event, just a cheesy little thing

This is just a rough idea, its not like this is set in stone, if you have a suggestion to make this more balanced then please tell me!

What are the bombs then? Boom boxes?

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Pretty much, a small gray boombox that after 2.5 seconds explodes and emits a bunch of campfire smoke entities in a radius of 5-7 blocks, that gives @a [r=8, tag=bee] short blindness and slowness, and knocks them back a few blocks

Gotcha that makes sense

I agree on your original statement, COD guns or a gun dome would ruin the HIVE

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