New SG Maps Suggestions

I only started playing Minecraft bedrock around the beginning of this month, I started playing the hive around 2 weeks ago . As someone who played the java version a lot SG was my favorite mode no matter what server it was on whether it was MCSG, Hive, even Badlion, but all those servers had something in common . They had a vide variety of maps to choose from, the OG Maps. I don’t know if this was already addressed but maybe the development team can add some of those old maps like Par 72, Valleyside university, Holiday Resort, SG1, SG2, Drybone Valley, etc. The pace of SG is so fast that you can play so many games in an hour playing the same 4 maps over and over becomes a bit repetitive and boring, especially for the leaderboard players who play A lot of games in a month. Really hoping you guys can look into this.

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The Hive already has plans to update SG. If you look on Trello, you can see that SG will be getting an update soon (which hopefully will add new maps).

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Enjoy your stay!


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