New seeker system really cool ! But needs to be upgraded

Actually, there is a new system in Hide & Seek, that send someone as a seeker if the 1st seeker is afk, or doesn’t find anyone, after 1min30. That’s a really great idea, in case of afk, but also to help more ! But…

Recently, I assisted to a situation like this :

  • 1st seeker afk
  • after 1min30, someone got sent to help
  • this new seeker left the game 3 seconds later (someone who just wanted to run around as a hider)
  • and then… no more additional seeker. There was only the 1st seeker afk on the field.

My suggestion : I noticed that if a seeker leave the game, sometimes a hider is picked to replace the missing seeker. Certainly something can be done at this level to say to the system “Hey, we should at least be two, because the first one have some troubles”. Additionally, if the 2 first seekers find no one, new seeker coming should be done one more time, to add another seeker after an additional 1min30.

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Bruh, this is sooooo underrated, here, have my vote and love