New pet sugestion

The pet will be a small version of Minecraft’s player model, following around its owner just like intended for Hive Pets. It will have 3 available skins to choose from: Steve, Yellow shirt Steve, and Alex:

This mob will resemble its behavior to Minecraft’s dog, by following the player around. I have already made 3 animations for it, a walking animation and 2 looking animations - one while walking and one while idling (both of them will trigger depending on the state of the pet, every 20 to 60 seconds): Animations (you need to click on the images to make them animate!)
I am also planning on making more idle animations and a sitting animation, that would trigger when a player reached an area that the pet couldn’t get to (eg. parkour)

Compared to other pets in game, I would give this one a price of 360 minecoins.

I haven’t yet figured out a name for these cute little guys, you can suggest them in the replies section.
If you wish to contribute to this project, or you just want to see the model for yourself, contact me on Discord: Miodek#2707

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