New Pet: Foxy

My friend is complaining a lot about how much of a furry he is. He really wants a fox pet. The hive might have already planned this, but my friend learned that I can make suggestions. He started to yell at me and tell me to suggest this. Anyway, thats it. Bye.

Pause … why?

Theodd1sout reference I see

no its not lmao

Not voting because it would cost minecoins prob

They most likely won’t give pet cosmetics out for free.

If u get a max in a game u should get a pet

i dont really agree with that, or your suggestion to make pets free. you should make a suggestion about it

Not all pets free just some

i would make a suggestion about that

Na im currently working on something big don’t have time to

No pet will be free.

Clank has stated before that pets take up server space, which is why they cost money in the first place. Costumes, for example, aren’t entities, and don’t need as much space on the server, thus why they are as cheap as they are.

Pets also take a very skilled 3D artist to make, and a lot, lot more time. You have to design, rig, and animate the model, a lot more then just a skin model with some extra geometry.

Hmm? Interesting


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