New Pet And Mount Ideas

Pets: “Mini Mailbot” “Wolf pet” “Rocketship” “Mini You” "
A fox but probably won’t happen we already have a fox hat :)"


Probably won’t happen but Mabey Mechs To Ride In Ideas:
Mabey a plane mount that flies fast or even better a jet, Mabey a mailbot hq helicopter :helicopter:.

Or For Cruiser mount.
Transformer That Can Transform Into Car Mode And Robot

Bump because I want to discuss this post. I think a “mini you” pet is probably a bad idea, the rocketship would work better as a mount but we already have a spaceship, a fox pet is a great idea, and mini mailbot needs to be added right now. As for the mounts, mechs could work but as you said it probably won’t happen, and a transformer might be hard for hive to do.

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Thank you for considering my post and any other ideas I will add to the post :slight_smile:

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