New "Murder Mystery" maps

As you all should would know. theHive is notorious for a specific set of games.
•Survival Games
•Treasure Wars
•Hide and Seek
•Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery is the topic of today for it’s well known, run of the mill, Murder Maps. I say well known, but I don’t know about you, but those maps got way to memorable quickly.
I’m just saying to add a couple new ones like a:
Abandoned house
Or maybe even ones with more mobility like Hide and Seeks:
•Humbug Street
These maps are open-spaced town maps, with more space to avoid the murder and get the coins. I’m not saying add Hide and Seek maps to Murder Mystery I’m saying to add out in the world maps where you can see the sky.
Another idea is to make Hide and Seek Tag. Mix both together and tell me how that idea sounds.
In the comments.

More maps are always welcome, and I’m sure team nectar is working on new maps for every game mode


except deathrun


Deathrun is one game that has definitely been put on the backburner, same with hide and seek. I hope those games get content updates before summer.


Or before they do another update for twars or sg…

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To be honest, adding Hide and Seek maps into MM is a great idea.


I would perfer however if they don’t do the time cutting lbsg thing where you haphazardly convert a bedwars map to a skywars one.
As long as they do modify it somewhat so it doesn’t seem cheap

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The normal hide and seek is already hide and seek tag, but we could do something like hot potato.

Also I wouldn’t like open maps because it’s hard to be sneaky about who’s the murder early in the game.

Or… they could use a Java HnS map that isn’t ported to bedrock yet.

If you were to do my H&D map idea, than we would obviously change the
Spawns and other stuff to make sense of it all.