New Minigame: Mario Party

Idea: New Minigame: Mario Party

Maybe you can add Mario Party as a minigame on the server. Mario Party with lots of minigames ( One in the Chamber, … ) would be nice. It is a new thing on The Hive and and I don’t know a server which has Mario Party (Bedrock Edition).

For the level-system: XP for winning minigames, XP for winning the game, XP for the place (8th = 10XP(?) |4th = 30XP(?) | 1st = 50XP(?)


They would need to ask Nintendo first, and they don’t really do much stuff for Minecraft, the only thing they did was the Super Mario Mash-up, so I guess no.


cough cough Hypixel cough cough

wait hypixel has that game?

It’s called Party Games there

and replying to OP, Hypixel Says is only good for 1v1s to determine pvp skill and superiority

I mean Minecraft Bedrock Edition

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Yeah, definitely a problem with copyright, but to be fair they could easily just change the name. It’s not like Nintendo owns party games, just specifically the mario version. I would say Block Party, but that’s already taken by a different Java Hive minigame. Mine Party?

Ohhhhh, but yeah licensing issues


I think without the space with do the job? Because…


u got it?

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Anyways, the only time I ever played hypixel says was when I beat someone in Ranked Skywars and I beat them, they asked for a rematch 1v1 and we did an epic Hypixel Says PvP fight.

Not a great game, but would fit in an arcade mode.

I think also using Cubee’s as like the stars and some type of Hive Coin as coins from Mario Party is also good. This is definitely one of those amazing things that if done correctly, it could definitely make the Hive way more open to more audiences.

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