New minigame "Block Protection"

Add my minigame named “Block Protection”

More information:

Hello. I suggest adding a Block Protection minigame. 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 and 5vs5. This minigame has two points with a block that can be upgraded. These blocks need to be protected from another team, which must break one of the blocks (you can buy a pickaxe to speed up). I created a mechanism in my world, but I can only play 2v2 because there are not enough people. I’m sure the players liked this mode. There are 4 maps, but I used to build worse. Therefore, you can add only one or two. A new minigame map is also coming soon. If you are interested, please contact the discord: Bird#6451

I am finding it difficult to understand your suggestion. “These blocks need to protected with another team”. Also I would like the name to be Block Wars. I’m pretty sure Gamemodes aren’t being planned just yet. But I like what you had in mind about a new Gamemode. Gamemodes are pop-up suggestions every now and then. :relaxed::v:


Can you contact with me in discord? I send you a map and how it looks like.