New Mini Game idea?


What if you added a Mini Game were you had to get to different sides to survive? Including lava rising, Tsunamis, Hell fall, Tornado or something like that.

  • In every game there would be a chance of one of these experiences happening. Each part of the map would have one of the events, Like the event would start in each corner of the map but it would last like 10 secs. After about 3 min the event would be bigger so it would start hitting half of the map instead of a corner. So… On…

  • So it would be a guessing game of which side to pick.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions wright it down below.

Not gonna lie, doesn’t sound all to bad. Does remind me as a young lad of Roblox… Literally just natural disasters. Like it.

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Yeah, I would love this game ! Maybe a LTM ? idk

I think someone played it once on a java server. I think it was Grian. Good idea but idk, we need more basic games. This would take a lot of time to make.

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