New map: Nether

So, this is da idea:

First the teleporters will be mini portals. The bases for blue team will have the warped forest and the soul sand valley The red base will have the crimson forest and the nether wasteland. Instead of water there will be lava! And the walls will have Blackstone in the nethery part of the map there will be npcs of piglins fighting Steve in the Bastin. And in the bastin there will be a chest full of a ton of gold. There will be a zipline. There will be a ton of nethery npcs. And for 250 coins you can sabotage the zipline! There will also be a nether fortress with zombie pigman, blazes, & wither skeletons
And Instant tnt will be a bed.

Feel free to suggest some ideas for the post!



How did @Stellar6666 help??

Was it in a different post thatgave you the idea?

Pms also I’m legitimately about to suggest some other stuff.

My ideas for it:
What about some new items, like a flint and steel? Also what if there was a ghost you could ride like a Zipline because ziplines.
And maybe there is a chest you can find for more gold

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No, a message.

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I can add some of it! :grin:


Great idea! What if there was the 4 different biomes for each side: Regular and Red one for Red Team and Blue one and Spiky Grey one for Blue Team?


YES bro this will be great! :grinning:

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How about giving the blue team soul sand valleys because of the blue fire, and give the basalt deltas to the red team. How about there’s a giant lava lake in the middle that you can only reach by going through an ancient debris mine, or zip lining over it?
One last one, Castle town-esque sabotage! For 350 coin, you can call the ghast and piglin armies to destroy the ziplines, and anyone in a 10 block radius!


I did some but 350 is to many coins

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I think you mean the Nether Wastes and the Basalt Deltas.


Yes. Thank you.

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Without the soul slowness tho

Soul sand?

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I know that.

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