New Mailbot skin!

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Hey Hive!
My name is StrangerHades11, the #1 Hive fan! I had a great idea that I had to say something about it so I don’t forget. I believe that one of the most important (and only) coolest character on the Hive is…. The Mailbot! Yes, I know, pretty cool, but I don’t think it has the attention that it should have. I think we need to have another Mailbot skin to go with the Golden Mailbot and the regular MailBot. We could remaster the regular Mailbot or just do a different Mailbot, but there needs to be another skin for it. If you get the skin, you’ll get a hubtitle that says, “Mailbot Power!” or “Delivery!” (Feel free to say your ideas for the hubtitle) and maybe an avatar of the Mailbot emoji :mailbot:!
Thank you for looking at my idea and have an amazing day today.
Take care, StrangerHades11

Hey there! :wave:

Next time you want to get people to see a post, consider ‘Bumping’ it. Forumers usually say ‘Bump’ on a post for other Forumers to see them. This is much more easier than making a completely new post that’s exactly the same.

But there are also rules for ‘Bumping,’ which you can read here. :arrow_down:

Have a great day! :sunny:

Thanks for the feedback!

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No problem! If you have any other concerns, feel free to DM me! :speech_balloon: