New loginstreak feature

Add a ‘logged in today? boolean when you type /loginstreak

More information:
This would be useful for all kinds of people that have wacky timezones.
This would not be needed if it just logged you in when the day resets, but this would do.


omg please, I’ve had so many anxious days hoping that the game hadn’t bugged out on me bc I wasnt sure if I’d ever recieved the login message



this would be so much easier tell if you have logged on that day, due to the hive deciding the time of day on some time zone so anyone else not in that zone might get confused abt this

As a person who lives in the timezone where it resets at exactly 00:00, this feature would be completely useless to me lol

I’ll vote for it, but I don’t see them adding it as opposed to fixing the bug

Because a good way to check if you logged in that day, is the fact … you’re on the server

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Thank you for voting.
I actually think that they’d rather do this then ‘fix the bug’.

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Well, I assumed by anabsurdnames comment, that there was a bug (similar to the quest bug) that meant sometimes your login streak wouldn’t count.

And I feel like the hive prefers to fix bugs rather than adding a new feature to remedy a bug so they look more polished or smth.

If there isn’t a bug tho (which I was mostly assuming, based on the factI haven’t encountered it once in my ~150 day ls) then Ig I won’t vote, because then you would just be able to tell that you have logged in that day because here me out here… You’re on the server

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Not sure if I misunderstand the sense of a “logged in today?” line, because you literally have to join the server to type the command, making it always answer with “yes” to the question of “did I login today?”… A third line that says “Reset in: x hours, x minutes” would make much more sense. :sweat_smile:

There is no bug affecting login streaks, they were talking about Minecraft itself bugging out.


As someone with a 595 day loginstreak
I don’t understand the point of this, if your on the hive when typing the message OF COURSE YOU LOGGED ON. How could it even say you didn’t when your on the server, instead there should be a way to let players know when the day ends such as a message saying “time on hive is in utc and not your time zone” or a countdown that appears when you do /loginstreak so players are aware when day ends in their time zone

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Replying to @masonmasterbot and @Rechenheft

In my time zone, the login resets at around 10:00 am.
Say you were online at 9:59 am (which would count as the previous days loginstreak, and kept playing until 10:00 am.
Your login streak will not update to the next day, meaning that you can definitely be online and not have your loginstreak updated and
some players (like me) do not have consistent log in times.

This command would help me remember if i logged in when the new day ticked over, or if I accidentally logged in a couple minutes late.

Replying to @AculAce

I’m pretty sure that AnAbsurdName was not talking about a bug (though some bug like that may exist) and was talking about remembering if you got that log in message.

Also I said thank you for voting because I thought you felt bad for the people with different timezones dealing with this terror and voted because why not.


Here is another idea: if a new day starts while your online you will get the message “[!] relog to continue your loginstreak”

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That’s a fine idea but could easily get lost in the sea of game messages and this suggestion would still be nice.

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idc what anyone says, i want this feature so bump