New levels to skywars

add like 10 new levels to skywars like level 50 or something like that

New levels will definitely come to every game we just don’t know when


Currently around that time

For skywars to get a level update

i mean sw and sg should get it around the same time like tw and hide did

not to tw, hive says all games will be a max of 100 eventually meaning that hive isnt planning to update tw until all minigames are lvl 100 max

False, there no confirmed plans to make every game have 100 levels

Here what Woozie said on it

Edit: I wanted to add, MM and TW will receive more levels, pass 100, if it considered.
It’s unlikely the Levels count will stop at 100, if every other game haven’t reached 100 levels yet.
While not confirm yet, it’s likely that TW and MM will have more levels in the future

At the moment, the news we have is that SnowflakeTM has said all games will have a max of 100 at some point simultaneously.