New Kit Idea: Archer

Idea: New skywars kit: Archer

More information:
Items when you spawn: Piercing 1 crossbow and 12 arrows.

Get 6 arrows from killing someone with a projectile.
Projectiles deal 10% more damage.


i like crossbow cause its hard to spam with it. voted :))

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You got my vote

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Awesome idea, perfectly balanced with the rest of the game; you got my vote!

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If they can get bows from chests this makes crossbows useless I know there’s Piercing I in it but it only shoots more enemies in a line, I’m not sure if Piercing gives more attack on crossbow

Piercing deals more damage to armor than usual

putting it more simple words… it pierces through armor. :slight_smile:

Oh ok thought it only does is pierce through enemies