New Kill Phrases for Natural Deaths ☠️

Being Outside of Playable Area :no_entry_sign:

When a Player dies from being outside the playable area, Instead of Having the “(Player) Did an Oopsie!” Kill Phrase, let’s replace it with something like “(Player) Suffocated to Death” or “(Player) died of hiding”.

Death by Fire :fire:

Now, in SkyWars we have the Fire Trail Spellbook and the Fire Charge, When a Player dies because of being set on fire, instead of having the “(Player) Did an Oopsie!” Kill Phrase, let’s replace it with “(Player) was burned to Crisps”.

Death by fall damage :dash:

When you die of fall damage instead of having the “(Player) did an Oopsie!” Kill Phrase, let’s replace it with “(Player) was splatted to the Ground”.


This is a fun Idea tbh


this is allready a suggestion. use search before you post New Death Messages for Sky Wars and Treasure Wars


Ceo’s post is suggestions about general death messages, while couchman’s one is about natural deaths.


Instead of that, I think
“(player) died because he was a coward”
sounds better


Hahhaahhahah, I agree! :joy:

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another idea, these could potentially become unlocks if the hive developers wanted. Also I’ve compiled a list of death messages I came up with.

Falling -

  • (player) became a pancake
  • (player) tried to disobey the law of gravity
  • (player) lacked the necessary leg strength
  • (player) lost their fight against the ground
  • the ground reaped (player)'s life
  • (player) discovered the ground is hard
  • (player)'s parachute failed to deploy
  • (player) is now a puddle
  • (player) died to an unexpected end of their pleasant fall

fire -

  • (player) got roasted
  • (player) was another victim of global warming
  • (player) played with fire
  • (player) discovered fire
  • (player) had no chill
  • (player) went towards the light
  • (player) wasn’t careful with matches
  • (player) became a funeral pyre
  • (player) fell out of the frying pan and into the fire
  • (player) didn’t find heaven

falling into the void

  • (player) took a long walk off a short cliff
  • (player) tried and failed to fly
  • (player) didn’t have a double jump
  • (player) forgot to look where they leaped
  • (player) had a tragic slip
  • (player) tried to find Australia
  • (player) fell into the sky
  • (player) took the coward’s way out
  • (player) stared into the abyss too long
  • (player) didn’t believe hard enough

Being outside the playable area

  • (player)'s not good with boundaries
  • (player) found the edge of the world
  • (player) was playing hide and seek
  • (player) hid to death
  • (player) got outplayed by the world border


  • (player) had better things to do
  • (player)'s mom called them for dinner
  • (player) had some homework
  • (player) got hungry
  • (player)'s cookies were done
  • (player) got scared of you and left
  • (player) couldn’t see the whole game through

Just a few ideas, feel free to use any of them hive staff if you ever implement this in the future.

Also make some oddly specific ones for the crash/dc/hub like

  • (player)'s wifi cut out because a tree fell on the power line outside their window
  • (player)'s mom unplugged the computer, they have chores to do
  • (player) decided to quit minecraft forever and instead take up knitting

Well let’s just hope if this will ever get implemented. .

Wait you know this is a dupe post New Death Messages for Sky Wars and Treasure Wars

This is not a dupe.
Other people have already said this.
The other post was just talking about general death messages while this post is suggesting new death messages when you are killed by fall damage and stuff.

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Well i made a topic just like this and it was closed for being a dupe

well this post is not a dupe
IDK what you posted, but it was prob talking about general death messages.
Anyway, Imma stop arguing