/new instead of typing full command on queueing

Would be cool if instead of typing the full command of requeuing the game you just type /new so you won’t have to type too much on keyboard. Would be useful if you don’t use copy and paste that often especially for mobile players.

There’s a chat mod for mobile, you can copy paste in chat with ease.
Just type mobile chat mod and it should pop up…
Here’s the link Advanchat Addon for MCPE! Autocomplete chat and commands in Minecraft PE! - YouTube

God speed help thx though im pc so your suggestion will be helpful for mobile players.

Can’t you just type /q instead of /queue?

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I’m pretty sure pc players can do that I’ve seen YouTubers do it in ASMR vids.

You can do this on all devices but it’s a bit weird for example you can just requeue for Sky Solo no matters what you type( /q sky_duos/trios/squads/mega)
I didn’t try it with other games tho.

If you on pc, use the up arrow

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