New Hub Title in Block Party

Hey everyone,

Hope you are enjoying hive’s new gamemode Block party. Here’s my suggestion about block party:-

After reaching 25 levels we can get a hat, 1000 Questpoints and a hub title. The hub title is Lord of the dance its cool but kinda childish. So what if we get a hub title after maxing Block Party and it’s Dance Master it follows the traditional hub titles like Master of the sea or Skywar Master

I hope that’s ok if people understand and like my suggestion :blush:

Good idea, but witch of those?

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SkyWar master for reaching level 39 in SkyWar and Master of the sea for reaching level 74 in treasure war!

And the title i am suggesting is Dance Master is the exchange of Lord of the Dance currently obtainable by reaching 25 (max) level in Block Party. :smile:

Oh, ok thx

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I already maxed it out and I also don’t think the max title is that good, it should be changed to something else so im voting.

Wait so is there no costume for maxing out the game?

Hey! For future reference it would probably be better to ask this in the Hive Discord instead of the Forums. That said, there is no costume, but there are still good prizes. You can see a full list here:

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Sadly no :frowning:

That hub title looks like it came from chuck e cheese, voted

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