New hub features

Menu for server swapping, hididg players, Server suggestions IN GAME and also a teleporter.

Mabey the hive could make a new ui for the above features. Telorteing could be made of saving a location and teleporting to that location saved

In game suggestion could be for people who cant access the forums.

The hiding players is soemthing you can guess how it works.

Also mabey a clip system could be introduces to watch friwnds games from there pov. It would be helpful to show people your INSANE clips or you being bad at bridging. There could also be the ability to post xreated replayes. Using an ingame editing system like cliping it down

  1. Seems a lot like pixel paradise
  2. The hive isn’t really a role play server so it would be odd of them to make it like that

This would be filled with “add more games” and “re open Java” and stuff like that

This was already suggested: "Hide Players" Option in The Hub


  1. How would that work
  2. Why would this be added? I don’t see a point in the hive spending so much time making and editing system
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As @cupcsr has already mentioned, some of these ideas has already been suggested. Please try to use the search feature before submitting a suggestion.

Moreover, please try to limit your ideas to one per thread as per the forum rule stated here:

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