New Hive Pet Idea

New Hive Pet Idea!

I think pets should have a levelling system.

They should start of level 1 then as you play games it levels up!
kind of like Hypixel Skyblock.


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I don’t think Hive would like to copy Hypixel, but I’m not familiar with how pets work there
What would be some prices or rewards for leveling up?


interesting idea, but you’re going to have to give more detail. . .

What happens when you level up pets?

Do they get bigger?

Do they transform?

What do you gain from it?

What will be the max level?

How exactly would the XP system for them work?


mabye when you hit level 100 you will be rewarded a special hub title called “The Godly 100” for only people who has gotten level 100 and mabye a costume called “The Goldy”

but how is that related to pets?


I see what you mean by leveling up, but what happens when it levels up?

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the pet grows

How many times can it grow, and how big would it grow to?

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well, it would be a certain point obviously

hey this is a great idea maybe when you get to certain level say 50 you will get recolour of endolotl pet called iceolotl and you can get hub titles for pets
and more unlockables
I just have one question how will the pet level up?
also welcome to the forums hope you have a great time here

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that’s a really good idea!

Bro its like pokemon

You collect items over a period of time and evolve your pet

Dont think so hard
Pokemon is the answer


i referenced Pokémon in a similar way

pokemon is the answer.