New HIVE In-Game Automated Chat Messages

YK how there are automated chat messages that promote things like the HIVE Discord and stuff like that? Well here is an Idea for some more. Depending on the game you are playing, during the queue and throughout the game, little fun facts about that game will be put in chat. This is inspired by @JJ81611 's Fun Fact about Block Party.

Block Drop: “Standing still makes the block beneath you break much faster.”

Skywars: “A Knockback Nemo has a 1 in 100 chance of dropping from an enchanted ore.”
“If someone is armed with a fish they must be avoided at ALL COSTS.”

Hide and Seek: Taunts will give you XP. Depending on the Taunt, you can get up to 18 XP per Taunt!

CTF: Make sure you have an escape plan if you capture the enemy flag. When you are holding an enemy flag, you run much slower, giving your opponents room to catch up to you.

Main Hub: “If your waiting for a friend, why not try the parkour? Finishing it will reward you with an exclusive Hub Title!”

Keep in mind that the only game this would not work in is The Bridge since there is literally nothing to it. Also keep in mind that the chat messages would only send out facts about the game the player is currently in. so you won’t see a Block Drop fact in a game of Skywars.

Sure, great idea! This would be very useful for new players who don’t exactly fully understand some minigames.


Thx. I agree. They don’t have to be all the secrets about the game, just some useful tips to noobs. Also they would be better than just the normal promotions


This is a very good and cool idea! Voted!


Well why not
Would be better for newer players and just good for people to know a little more information about how a gamemode works.



I think there should be bridge ones, like if you’re playing solo it could tell you to try duos if you don’t like sbmm. As well as information about each kit.
Bridge: Use the leap kit to jump past your opponent(s)!

Btw if you’re wanting to save blocks on blockdrop its best to run in a circle type thing like this picture shows (keep going in the circle until the blocks turn red)


I wouldn’t recommend doing that though. I think its better just to drop a floor or two down to break as much blocks as you can randomly by sprint jumping.


This reminds me of the Minecraft fact things that show up when you are joining a world.

Edit: They’re called loading tips according to the wiki.


But then according to files in minecraft, its called loading messages or loading_messages.json


I’m gonna trust the files on this, thanks Oblivion. :smile:

Also to try and keep this on-topic, maybe the Hive ones can be called game messages or something along those lines.


Thats what I was thinking of when i made this. I really liked those. Its better than a loading screen.


Honestly IDRC what they call them

i think i have a good one for murder mystery: murder mystery can get boring at times! listen to music while playing! ( i started doing this a bit ago; work like a charm)


if you like it then pls vote for it

Good suggestion! I don’t believe you actually run slower when you have the flag :thinking: the slowness is only to limit your vision, I believe

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nope. you get the slowness effect

I think its like 0.5x slowness and a lowered FOV.

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they aint gonna admit that murder mystery is boring lol


Nah dude Minecraft lied to us with this one- I went to Minecon 2016 and 2015 though so that was fun! I really want this to be added, it seems like it would be fun and maybe new players will learn some new things!


Bumping the topic so it doesn’t die LMAO


Any other chat facts?

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