New Hive Game!


I have a new Hive game idea and I think its pretty good. It‘s just like Splatoon
Game name idea:


More information:

:+1:The Game idea!:
There is a big map of white blocks and the Hive players get a color, (red, blue, …)
There are teams: solos/duos/12vs12 and more.
Every team has 1 color (everyone plays in 1 map) and the goal is to color the white blocks, they have to be the color which the team has. (Red team: colors blocks red) „red“ blocks can be colored „blue“ again!

*This is a coloring-fight and at the end of the game timer the blocks get counted and the team which has the most blocks colored in their color, wins!*:crown: (+ the players could get a armour colored in their team color)

(Color a block: by clicking on it with an paint brush)

ACCESORIES: color bomb (colors more blocks)

That‘s my and my brothers idea! We hope you like the idea and also make that game for the Hive server!:clap:
Thanks for reading!

This is just that Cubecraft microgame where you color white blocks and whoever has the most of their color wins. Cubecraft even has a color bomb in that game in the form of a splash potion.

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Hey, come in now! That is not how we treat newcomers. Welcome to the Forums @x_clowdy_x !

Anyways, this seems like a fun game! If it already exists, Hive can put some sugar and spice and everything nice into there for it to look different but feel similar to Cubecraft.


Actually for the similar mechanism Hive used to have this on their Java server called Sploop. I guess it’s earlier than Cubecraft

But Sploop had more colors and you can kill others not in your team


I dont get splatoon it sounds kind of boring… Can someone explain why its so popular??

Welcome to the forums @x_clowdy_x! Cause it’s on one of the most popular consoles, and is a cool idea imo. Anyways, this is similar to Sploop(I think what it’s called), or my color splash game. Also this is just block party but less stress(wait it has more votes color splash is the same ideas tho so i do not care :slight_smile: )


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