New Games: Ocean Wars

I bored with the SkyWars because the war always in the sky. So, I think ocean wars is good because we war in ocean

Could you elaborate more on this idea? If you mean sky wars but there’s water instead of the void, I don’t see the point in this at all.

Also, welcome to the forums!


I think we should make it a map, where the out of bounds is instead water

Hecc yeah war in ocean pog

Fantastic idea

I could see this being really fun, as the others said you should give more details though

i feel this could be cool if we made it basically Treasure x Sky wars; here me out

You and X amount of people spawn on an island in a massive ocean
Around the islands there are chests, as well as shops. In the chests you can get currency to use in the shops (maybe also generators) you would have 5-10 respawns

To cross the islands, you could either swim, bridge or lilipad: in the shop you can buy lillipads, which can be placed on the water. This has the potential to be cool, and a unique spin off of voidless bedwars!

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