New gamemode:Jump League

Jump League
In Jump League you have a parcour to parcour your way to Checkpoints and then fight in a deathmatch

In Jump league you start at the 1st Checkpoint by jump n running/parcouring through jump n runs/parcours. one part of a parcour is called modul and you reach the next Modul by reaching the next Checkpoint. There are 10 Moduls and the farer you get the harder the Moduls and jumps get(1-3 easy,4-7 middle,8-10 hard). In each modul there is a chest(or enderchest)where loot like armour and weapons is. The further you get the better loot you get. There is a clock for 7min if noone makes it to the finish in this time the deathmatch begins but if someone reached the finish earlier then the deathmatch Starts in 10sec and if someone reaches the finish they also get diamond boots. In deathmatch there will be 6 Minutes to fight and in the last Minute there will appear a beacon in the middle of the map and the player that will be the closest to the beacon in the last secons wins(oh and in deathmatch all Players habe 3 lifes)

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This is a great suggestion , it’s unique and I’ve never seen this before. I would love to see this being added in near future.

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intense shock

a new user didn’t post a duplicate suggestion?

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That’s really interesting, but the person in first would get all of the loot. So maybe you could earn money that could be used in a shop before the deathmatch, or loot would be given to any player that reaches the ender chest, but the reward is better based on your performance.


Not if other Players make it to like modul 8 or 9!also there could be 2 players to make it to the finish

This could possibly a sub-gamemode of dr. It sounds interesting. I prefer slimeguy’s idea of there being shops and you get money by completing modules, rather than getting rng loot

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What @HolyPotato263 said

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This would be a fun and original new game mode! Great idea!