New Gamemode: Gridlock


A new, escape room-themed gamemode called Gridlock

More information:

Alright, allow me to explain:

Gridlock is where you and (if you want) a maximum of three other players are put into a series of rooms, each different from the previous one. Players will be running their own copies of the Grid, so it’s essentially a race to escape your set first. Hidden mechanisms, elaborate concealed codes, and various tools can be found to help with your escape. (Tools can only break certain items, to keep players from just tunnelling out) If you manage to complete the puzzles and unlock the exit, you can either spectate other teams, sabotage them (methods of sabotage can be an optional mechanic), or plainly return to the lobby if they so choose. This game would encourage communication, while competing against the clock for the fastest time

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might just be me saying this, but it seems too complex for a hive game


That’s fine, it’s just an idea I came up with

This is just grid runners and the hive is trying to do original stiff not stuff thats already been done

-_- and? Also, SkyWars isn’t original. Treasure Wars is just Bedwars but you’re not protecting a bed. Murder Mystery and Hide&Seek aren’t brand new games. Survival Games is a classic Minecraft minigame, Hive didn’t think of it first. Wanna try that again? The only original game (I think) is Death Run. Besides, this may seem similar to Grid Runners, but it’s a completely different concept. In Grid Runners, you’re racing through a series of rooms testing your Minecraft skills in combat, collection, speed and/or parkour. This is all about being observant to find the way out

Yes but they all have there own twists. The way you described it was complicated and made me think of grid runners

That’s not what I’m saying. Not every room would be different as in a different skill entirely, like Grid Runners, but every room would need different strategies.

Final Statement

Also, just because someone’s ideas have some similarities to Grid Runners (or any other map), doesn’t mean they’re trying to rip it off. So if you think Grid Runners is better than my idea, go play that instead of complaining like a 5-year-old, repeating what they just said but rewording it to make it seem like a new post

And yes, I know they have their own twists, they’re still not original games