New gamemode: capture the flag

New game mode:

[Capture the flag]

add the game mode capture the flag, it would be really fun and would attract a lot of people from other servers.

[try it for a limited time? then if it succeeds, make it an actual game mode]

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Hey There! This idea is already suggested here, also, The Hive only accepts original ideas, so I don’t think it would get accepted.

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Heya! Thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion.

Unfortunately the concept of Capture The Flag has been suggested before, here. I would recommend reading this containing guidelines and useful information necessary before making a suggestion.


I’ve been wondering if The Hive will add Capture the Flag? That game has been on my mind lately and was curious if Hive will ever add one. I’ve played CTF on Lifeboat for since the middle of 2019 and it’s a really an amazing gamemode players will enjoy. It would be an amazing idea if you put it for a limited time and see if players would love playing it! If it does become a permanent gamemode, players can grind on it and try to get on leaderboards, as Hive is a competitive server.

(Please add it)

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As mentioned above, it’s a duplicate and If you like the idea, please vote the original suggestion.

Also, welcome to The Hive Forums! :beedance: